Medicat Members Area

This is the secure members area where you can view useful employment documents from our archive, upload your timesheets and securely upload your ID documents.

All your useful documents and uploads all in one place

Hello - welcome to the Medicat members area - this is the place where you can securely view and engage with the important documents necessary during your time as a candidate with us. In this area you will be able to:

  • Browse our document arcive of useful documents, contract and employment items
  • Upload your timesheets to enable us to re-imburse you
  • Securely upload your ID documents

Document Archive

Look through our document archive of useful downloads - click on the (main folder) dropdown for the different document groupings.

Timesheet Upload

Upload your signed timesheets here - these will be assigned to your account to allow for payment

Upload  Documents

Upload your necessary ID documents - these documents are encrypted and will be destroyed as soon as your identity has been verified.

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